About Us

Our Vision

At Dukeries, we are driven by a keen sense of growth, improvement and opportunity for all that work within the business.

We provide a sense of belonging and pride, in an organisation committed to giving its clients and customers a better overall experience, while continually trying to improve the way we work.

Our strong sense of purpose enables us to drive the business forward through customer satisfaction, repeat business and referrals, to give our clients a high-quality product delivered on time at an affordable cost.

We create the best working environment and support for our Roofers, so that we can deliver on our promise of;

Quality, Reliability, Respect and Service

These are the foundations of our Dukeries Promise, but they’re not what makes us special. What makes us special is our innate sense of purpose that trickles through our company.

We focus on instilling a sense of purpose in all of our roofers. It empowers them to take ownership and responsibility for their work and productivity, which reflects the quality of service our clients receive. This is why they keep coming back – and why they keep referring us.

The sense of purpose, belonging and pride in our organisation shines through our work, and that’s what makes us special.

It’s the right thing to do. By us. By them. By you.

Meet the Team

Dale Evison

Managing Director

Dale’s father set up Dukeries in 1972 with Dale joining him in 1974 and has been with Dukeries ever since. Building long term relationships and solving problems for our customers is what he loves the most. As well as this he enjoys working with our efficient and reliable roofers who are aligned to providing a high-quality outcome. His current goal for the business is to build a management team that will continue with the business in the future.

James Evison

Business Director

James has worked in the roofing industry for over 17 years, where he’s built up an extensive amount of knowledge in roofing and roofing products. He likes to use his knowledge to help clients to pick the right products for their projects that will last for years and meet all relevant standards.

Carol Daniels

Financial Controller

Coming soon.


Dale Evison

Phil Farnsworth

Contract Manager

With over 40 Year of experience in the construction industry, Phil thrives on quality and exceeding customer expectation, with current scores of 5 on recent NHBC site visit for the quality of the roofing works.

Nicola McCarron

Sales Ledger / Credit Controller

Coming soon.

Masimba Janda

Sales & Estimating Manager

Coming soon.

Dean Bassford

Branch Manager (Leicester)

Coming soon.

Jim Hill

Sales & Estimating Manager

Coming soon.

What Makes Us Different

Our strong sense of purpose enables us to drive the business forward through customer satisfaction, repeat business and referrals, to give our clients a high quality product deliveredon time at an affordable cost.

Award Winning

We have won awards for both the quality of our work and work ethos.

We Are Solution Focused

There is no pitched roof design we can't implement.


A dedicated contract manager for the entire project.

3 Day Guarantee

We’ll be on site within 3 days of your project being ready to roof.

We Give you choice

All our quotes have options helping you make the right decision for

40+ Years Experience

We’ve seen it all, which makes a big difference to how efficiently projects can get done.

We meet our deadlines

All of our projects are completed in a single visit, providing peace of mind to our clients.


The materials we use are nothing less than the very best quality.

Complete Quote Clarity

No surprises - options that are clear and concise

NHBC & British Standards

Everything we fit has been approved by the National House-Building Council and cohere to British Standards

Our Skills

Using qualified roofers guarantees you'll receive top quality work that adheres to the right procedures and standards.

No Middle Man

You don't have to deal with the downsides of middlemen because we supply the labor and install the materials directly.

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